Michel Marc Lacroix

Michel Marc Lacroix

I’m an artist in many fashion, from sewing, painting,  jewellery making, custom furniture, bead work among many others. As an Anishnaabe whos family was enfranchised, I’m always exploring ways of expression meaning in my art. Since starting a media arts company 15 years ago, I’m very skilled in web development, graphics art, video production & photography. Also I have been working with animals all my life, live stock/horses, fresh and salt water ecosystems, birds of prey and many reptiles…

Graphic designer

Graphics | print | photo | video | web | coder | hosting

Fashion Designer

Custom | Men | Women| Fur | Hides | Leather

Wood work

Custom Furniture | refinishing | engraving| wood burning | natural stains | mirror, marble, granite & glass etching

looking for:

vegetables | most dried herbs and nuts | craft supplies | fabric | natural inks and paint | blue fox hide | old wind up song players | instruments | walking canes | arrows

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