Michel Marc Lacroix

Mixel Marc Lacroix

As an Anishnaabe from Algonquin territory, I’m always exploring ways of expression meaning in my art. Running a media company for 15 years now, skilled in web development, graphics art, video production & photography. I’m an artist in many fashion, from clothing, painting,  jewellery making, custom furniture to dancing, spoken word and music. Also I have been working with animals all my life, live stock/horses, fresh and salt water ecosystems, birds of prey and many reptiles.

Graphic designer

Graphics | print | photo | video | web | coder | hosting

Fashion Designer

Custom | Men | Women| Fur | Hides | Leather

Wood work

Custom Furniture | refinishing | engraving| wood burning | natural stains | mirror, marble, granite & glass etching

looking for:

vegetables | most dried herbs and nuts | craft supplies | fabric | natural inks and paint | blue fox hide | old wind up song players | instruments | walking canes | arrows

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