Jason Gullo

Jason Gullo Mullins

Native  Cherokee Nation

A self employed cultural ambassador, I share the teachings from the Cherooke nation. I am a Dancer, Visual Artist, Fashion Designer & Educator. Part of my practice facilitating workshops at various educational institutions throughout north America. I enjoy travelling to first nations communities offering workshops empowering through the arts. There’s many negative directions our youth can go at this time, drugs and alcohol abuse, depression and suicide. My main goal is to inspire youth by facilitating them to create something of their own.

Skills & Offerings

Foraging & Teachings

Providing guided teachings about the diversity of nations across North America, and the healthy elements found in nature.

Dancer | Performances | Actor | Model

Performing arts, traditional dancer and theatre productions


Dream catchers, Medicine Wheels, Corn Husk dolls, Drums, Stencil painting and dance, among others

I’m into trading for hides, feathers & medecines

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