Visual Arts
Painting, Drawing, Designing

Our Visual arts educators will share innovative techniques that are entertaining for all ages, while using traditional materials and modern materials. Some examples: Harvesting natural material from our environment like tree bark or driftwood for painting, Clay for pottery, petals,charcoal and minerals for stains, fur in brushes, with the unique traditional teachings to connect with our culture and the meanings behind many patterns. We’ll enjoy experimenting, learning techniques and understand a little more our spirit.

**popular Workshops**
Stencil painting on canvas/t-shirts/paddles?etc…
Miniature/diorama of traditional homes
Sketching with natural inks/minerals

Clothing | Accesories | Dolls

The ability to sew is strong in our communities, we pass down many techniques and teaching through this tradition as a survival skill. We create intricate Regalia (Traditional Garment), Beading, Porcupine quill work, Appliqueing fabric, sewing hides (with or without fur) and creating useful winter wear clothing, unique accessories like medicine pouches, feather fascinators, and Bandolier bags. Participates will explore traditional techniques and the modern way its created today.

**popular Workshops**
Medicine pouches ( with teachings)
Mitts creation (leather or seal skin)
Beading for beginners or advanced
Foraging | Harvesting
Food | Medicines | Housing | Hunting

Walk with one of our guides through the bush/trails to learn what our mother earth has provided for us and how to properly give thanks. Our guides will show you different plants, mushrooms, tree and explain their traditional use. We’ll collect material for everyday use, only makes sense to live with your surroundings. Learning of the environment where the trees/plants grow and what time of year is best to harvest. The guide will help you feel rooted and a part of all relations!

**Popular Walks**
birch bark, chaga, maple sap, leeks, garlic, Labrador Tea, spruce roots & gum, wild rice, trapping, etc
Grandfathers | Clans | Medicine Wheel

Our knowledge keeper will share teachings about individual clans and their role to the nation, The Seven Grandfather teachings and The Medicine Wheel teachings,  Learning in detail about each clan and their duty to the nation. Topics of discussions with The Clans keynotes (governance, architecture, hunting, fashion, political, war, agricultural, spirituality)  Our educator is prepared for discussion and for productive dialog The Knowledge Keeper can also discuss, The Medicine Wheel teachings and Seven grandfather teachings. These teachings show us how to live on mother earth in balance with every single being, element, age, and learn how we can utilized these vital  lessons today in modern day society.

**Popular Workshops**
The Clans Keynotes
Exploring The Medicine Wheel
Roaches | Medallions | Staffs

There are many small craft workshop  available to create something of your own. Lots of fun stuff to try , practice and perfect!

**Popular Workshops**
Applique patterns, roaches, fans, staffs, bustles, moccasins, etc…

Carving | Stone | Wood work
Tools, Intruments, Pots/Baskets

Study our woods, discover a new hobbies or make a new instrument. So many different fun workshops can be crafted for all types of audiences.