This is an online gathering place to share, learn & love. Each person has skills & offerings sought for, chat directly with native artist, entrepreneurs, teachers, workshops facilitators, key-note speakers, performers an even mediocre comedians.

Albert Dumont
Algonquin Traditional Elder
Poet | Elder |Writer | Spoken Word
Mariah Miigwans
Anishinaabe Algonquin
Bear work | Dancer | Comedian | Hooper
Mique Michelle
Metis from thunder bay
Visual Artist | Graffiti | Youth empowerment
Jason Gullo Mullins JGM
Cultural ambassador | Dancer | Sewer| Visual Artist | Forager | workshops | Youth programming
Sarah Decontie
Anishinaabe Algonquin
Traditional Dancer | Hoop Dancer | Public Speaker | Language Advocate
Kirk Brant
Mohawk Tyendinaga
Painter | Sculpture | Forager | Hunter | Fisher | Chef
Ashley Machendagoos
Nortern Ojibway
Beader | Shop Manager
Michel Laquoa
Anishinaabe Algonquin
Graphic Artist | Video | Photography| Webmaster | Woodwork | Dancer | Visual Artist | Spoken word
Victoria Boucher
Singer | Seamstress | Keynote Speaker | Prayers