Odawa | Ottawa Trade post is an online community of first nation artists. From native crafts to skilled indigenous workshops in canada. art craft

Odawa | Ottawa means "people who trade"

from the original dialect spoken by the Anishnaabe nations whom lived in the political capital of Canada

The Odawa Trade Post (OTP) is a central arts market modeled in the fashion of old time trading posts, where rendez-vous and gatherings would take place. OTP aims to provide the liaison between indigenous artists and community all on a online trade/e-commerce environment. We connect people by facilitating marketing, sales and trade processes. We promote indigenous art, singers, drummers, dancers. teachers, knowledge keepers, contractors, entrepreneurs among many others service, like workshops…Each trader controls their bio, trade goods or services, so speak directly with reputable first nation cultural ambassadors from and around Ottawa.


Over history First nations of Canada have foraged, found, fought threw obstacles. So much beautiful knowledge has been acquired. Trade, gather and share with the original communities of turtle island! No coyote middle men. Free to use commission free…

Odawa trade post is an online exchange management tool all within a e-commerce ready social app. We have specialized artists, crafters, fashion designer, medicines foragers, services/contractors, builders, workshops facilitators, traditional performers, healing speakers, mediocre comedians and lots more...

We encourage trade/finding arrangements to meet locally by messaging the artist directly. Or purchase the goods using paypal, credit card on our secure site with full shipping calculators.  Check out the traders bio for details on reaching them easily, contact or buy from them straight thru the site. 

The crafts and arts are all from authentic vetted artist living in this territory. Although many first nations are found on the site, from Anishnaabe, Algonquin, Ojibway, Mohawk, Cherokee, Cree, among many others.  Consider becoming a trader and start selling some art or services and get payed online also. Well,  please peruse the site  to possibly participate…Welcome to our trading post!